Sep 30

Summer Sessions in High Park

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You are here.

Summer therapy sessions in High Park $40
Tapping into a space where you can integrate physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental wellness.
Explore yourself, be present, take some time to unwind from daily life and embrace nature.

Benefits of Therapy in the Park may include:
• Physical activity – feel your body in a new way
• Experience nature
• Gain perspective through introspection
• Improved mood and concentration away from the hustle of daily life
• A connectedness to a social experience through a holistic medium


Supervised Psychotherapy and what this means:
Supervised psychotherapy means that I work together with an experienced Registered Psychotherapist who is a member of the new CRPO regulated body in Ontario. Michelle DesRoches is my supervisor and her role is to assist me in practicing in a healthy, fulfilling way for everyone involved. CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY IS RESPECTED AT ALL TIMES. This means that no one other than myself has access to any personal or identifiable information.