Talk Therapy - Virtual Care

Core beliefs are formed based on life experiences. How we think, how we feel and how we behave most often reflects the beliefs that we hold about ourselves and about our perception of the world. So often we get stuck in these formed beliefs systems and patterns that it isn’t until they stop working when we become aware of the need for personal change. Managing change is do-able if there is willingness to open up to life’s challenges that are affecting emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being as we are then met with new opportunity to contemplate, reflect, intuit and create.


Body Focused Psychotherapy

Our bodies are the most advanced and complex systems that exist. We have been co- shaping our bodies through life`s experiences since the day we were born; our bodies contain the memory of every learned physical skill, injury, illness, belief, emotional experience and more. Body mapping is a modality that explores awareness of the body, resiliency and body function + coping mechanisms; it helps cultivate creativity and a better ability to communicate thoughts, feelings and life`s stories through felt sensing. The goal of body work is to gain a better understanding of how our bodies are being affected by life`s challenges, to explore personal history at a somatic level and to integrate new awareness for a greater sense of over all well-being.


CranioSacral Therapy

Based on the theories of Osteopathic Physician William Sutherland and further influenced by John E. Upledger, my training in this modality comes from the Ontario School of Osteopathy and Alternative Medicine.

CST is a client centered approach using direct physical contact - a light touch therapy that works with the CranioSacral system to support and maintain the central nervous system improving all around well-being.  Gentle pressure is applied to the bones of the cranium and down the body to the sacrum releasing tensions facilitating the free flow of cerebral-spinal fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal cord. Restriction or imbalance in the flow of this system is often experienced as dis-ease, dysfunction, lack of emotional regulation and physical pain.  CST is practiced in a  state of presence, encouraging deep relaxation while tuning into the body and it's rhythm.






Modalities and topics studied that may come up in session include the following:  Focusing. Guided imagery. Inner child work. Inner critic work. Relationships. Understanding trauma. Family sculpting. Sub-personality dialoguing. Healing abuse. Addiction. Body Psychotherapy. Life stages and diversity.

Spiritual modalities that my also be applicable include the following: Spiritual counselling. Divine guidance. Ritual and ceremony. Dark night of the soul. Working with the soul. Archetypes. Dream work. Chakra psychotherapy. Energy healing. Death and dying.