Psycho/Experiential therapy

Move forward in a different way by exploring new levels of living, being and creating.  Through a client centered approach, together we can explore presenting issues that need some TLC . Looking into your life in the present moment, our goal is to expand awareness and cultivate a new process by weaving together your story while developing new, helpful tools for successful change.

1 Session 60 mins: $90


Psycho-spiritual Guidance

Spiritual healing begins when we believe we can co create with the support of universal energy.  Non-denominational discourse and exploration of belief systems old and new offer opportunity to challenge, deepen and re-frame ideas around culture, spirituality, life challenges and energy healing. Offering extended support during spiritual crisis such as a ‘dark night of the soul’, grief and divine guidance. 

1 session 60 mins: $ 90


Modalities and topics studied that may come up in session include the following:  Focusing. Guided imagery. Inner child work. Inner critic work. Relationships. Understanding trauma. Family sculpting. Sub-personality dialoguing. Healing abuse. Addiction. Body Psychotherapy. Life stages and diversity.

Spiritual modalities that my also be applicable include the following: Spiritual counselling. Divine guidance. Ritual and ceremony. Dark night of the soul. Working with the soul. Archetypes. Dream work. Chakra psychotherapy. Energy healing. Death and dying.