Traditional Therapy and Experiential Activities

The Power of Personal Storytelling

The act of telling your story is to reconnect to your autonomy in a creative way. By telling stories we are able to re-experience people, places, things, memories, perceptions and feelings.  There is an opportunity in storytelling to re-frame experiences into something meaningful for personal healing and growth.

Signs, symbols and Other Associations

Discover the hidden meaning of signs and symbols that show up in your life.  Feelings are connected to imagery that represent aspects of our inner psyche.

Awareness Through the Body and Breath

By using the body as an opportunity for expanding awareness, you can find your own focus and inner being.  When body and breath work concurrently, the ability to understand ourselves and manage emotions can be developed for successful change.


 Other topics that may be integrated in these frameworks are:

Focusing. Guided Imagery. Inner Child Work. Relationships. Inner Critic Work. Family Sculpting. Sub- Personality Dialoguing. Trauma. Addictions. Healing Abuse. Life Stages and Diversity. Grief and Loss. CBT. DBT. REBT

Spiritual attributes that may also be integrated are:

Medical Intuition. Dream Work. Chakra Psychotherapy. Meditation. Energy Work. Spiritual Counselling