Psycho/interdisciplinary therapy

Experience yourself in a different way by exploring new levels of living and being.  Through a client centered approach, together we can identify core issues that need some TLC and begin the process of healing. Looking into look into your life in the present moment, our goal is to expand awareness and develop new tools to let go of the old, be present to the new and integrate all the parts of our self by developing self love and acceptance and reclaiming personal power.

1 Session 60 mins: $90



Psycho-spiritual Guidance

Spiritual healing begins when we believe we can co create with the support of universal life force energy.  Non-denominational discourse and exploration of belief systems old and new offer opportunity to challenge, deepen and re-frame ideas around culture, spirituality, life challenges and energy healing. Offering extended support during spiritual crisis such as a ‘dark night of the soul’, grief and divine guidance. 

1 session 60 mins: $ 90