Psychotherapy is about self-discovery. Through a client- lead, choice- centered approach, together we can explore presenting issues past and present while sitting in a non-judgemental, non-denominational space as you reconnect with yourself.   Our goal is to engage meaningfully in gentle but direct discourse with opportunity to explore other experiential modalities aligning with your values for personal growth and whole well being; emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Spiritual counselling and the sacred arts

I am a member of Spiritual Directors International, a worldwide community that supports multi-faith, mindful, reflective practice and ritual. My approach with this work is to hold space and offer opportunity to look at the connection between spirit and the self, and to cultivate and nurture an authentic spiritual relationship in the best way for you. This often involves exploring personal frameworks influenced by history, culture, institutions, social and familial environments and re-framing those belief systems to shape a spiritual connection or practice that aligns with your own personal values and beliefs.  This approach is helpful in beginning to identify and trust your own spiritual experiences, learning to be present, gentle with yourself and weave spirituality into your life in a creative and integral way.

Bodywork for Healing and Balance

My approach to craniosacral therapy weaves together my knowledge and experience of various bodywork modalities, intuition and healing arts practice. It is my intention to hold space, making room for your healing process. My role is to facilitate relaxation and support any naturally occurring shifts that may show up in treatment. I draw on Gestalt and Focusing concepts that center around being present in the moment and feeling what's happening in the body as the process unfolds. I use the foundation of the 10 step protocol and tailor treatments appropriately to fit the individual needs of my clients. The goal is to restore the alignment of the cranium, spinal column and sacrum using a light touch to release pressure and tension trapped in the tissue and fascia of the skeletal system. 

Finding the right therapist

Finding the right person to work with can be challenging.

Here are a few tips to finding the best fit.

  • Choose a therapist whose approach creates a sense of possibility.

  • Referrals from people you know can be helpful but remember that everyone is different and what works for one may not work for another. Ultimately, the best way to make this choice is to follow your own intuitive sense.

  • After reading information online or through various social media platforms, if you think that you have found a fit it could be helpful to prepare any other questions you might have for the initial conversation. This will hopefully help you form a snap assessment based on how the therapist responds to you.

  • If you feel that what you read on this site offers you hope and the possibility of personal growth give me a call; I’ll happy to chat with you about any other inquiries you may have.