Psychotherapy is about self-discovery. Through a client centered approach, together we can explore presenting issues past and present while sitting in a non-judgemental, non-denominational space as you reconnect with yourself.   Our goal is to engage meaningfully in gentle but direct discourse with opportunity to explore other experiential modalities aligning with your values for personal growth and whole well being; emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Working with Spirit

I am a member of Spiritual Directors International, a worldwide community that supports multi-faith, mindful, reflective practice and ritual. My approach with this work is to hold space and offer opportunity to look at the connection between spirit and the self, to cultivate and nurture a spiritual relationship in the best way for you. This often involves exploring personal frameworks influenced by history, culture, institutions, social and familial environments and re-framing those belief systems to shape a spiritual connection or practice that aligns with your own personal values and beliefs.  This approach is helpful in beginning to identify and trust your own spiritual experiences, learning to be present, gentle with yourself and weave spirituality into your life in an integral way.

Bodywork for Well-Being

My approach to body-oriented psychotherapy weaves together my knowledge and experience of various bodywork modalities, client-led intuition and healing arts practice. It is my intention to hold space, making room for your healing process. My role is to facilitate a body mapping sensory experience and support any naturally occurring shifts that may show up in session. I draw on Gestalt and Focusing concepts that center around being present in the moment and feeling what's happening in the body as the process unfolds. I use client-led information gathered over the duration of our visits to fit the individual needs of my clients.

It is important that my clients learn to develop a deeper connection to themselves and to the wisdom of the body. For clients new to body centered work, I am here to support you wherever you are at. For others, who may have some experience with body- based practice such as yoga or other athletics, meditation, mindfulness or other body based therapies their existing awareness has the potential for a deeper exploration process on the pathway to healing. 

Please note: I cannot as a practitioner anticipate the kind of experience you might have. It is possible that your shifts may show up not only physically but mentally, emotionally or spiritually; perhaps even more than one at a time and I encourage you to be in those moments fully.