Grief + Bereavement Counselling

The death of someone we care about can leave us feeling lost. The process of grieving is often carried across a lifetime; it is complicated, non - linear in nature and our own range of emotions can be activated at anytime. Grief is a natural reaction that every person will experience at some point in life with the loss of something or someone important.

Grief is multi dimensional, has different styles and is influenced by culture, religion, tradition, family life and popular culture. Together, we can explore what grief looks like for you, and ways to to maintain a relationship with loved ones after they're gone.

Grief - [greef]


Mental suffering, distress, pain, suffering, sorrow. Often due to a forced loss of something important in life's process or death.


Bereavement - [bih-reev-muh nt]


A period of mourning after a loss, specifically after the death of a loved person.